Product name:SGS Passed Anti-microbial For iPhone 12 Mini/ iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max 2020

How our anti -microbial work?

The Silver ions interact with bacteria and destroy them by disabling their metabolism and disrupting their division mechanism. The antibacterial effect of the glass is ongoing, particularly in warm and moist conditions favouring the development of bacteria and mould. It can kill 99.99% virus and keep for 6months effect.

Main features

1) Impact Rating: This is measured by the ability for the glass (once installed) to retain structural integrity. Any glass chipping or hairlines fractures reduce the impact rating.

2) Screen Sensitivity: This is measured in a side by side comparison of the touch input response time when used with/without the glass installed. This metric is crucial to avoid the input delay (and frustration!) associated with lag-inducing screen guards.

3) Coverage: Should be easy, right? We thought so. it might surprise you, many well known screen protector brands we tried had at least one display area that was left partially exposed once installed.

4) Fingerprint Resistance: AF coating protects against sweat and oil residue. Full touch screen sensitivity and compatibility allows for high phone responsiveness.

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